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At Haldensleben Museum, the Biedermeier section covers all the display areas devoted to the 19th century until the establishment of the German empire.

From the outside, the museum buildings the main building originally erected as an elementary school in 1866 and three modest l8th-century half-timbered houses give a clear idea of what the town looked like in those days.

The exhibition on urban and country-style home décor of the Biedermeier era compares original middle-class furnishings with rustic interior decoration.

Apart from German industrial pioneer J.G. Nathusius, who began working in Althaldensleben in 1810, other craftsmen and industrialists from the Biedermeier era such as Eyraud (a lithographer), Grünewald (a porcelain painter) and Uffrecht (a pottery modeller) are portrayed in a combination of museum exhibits and workshop tableaux.

Finally an inconspicuous candleholder recalls the Jewish community which existed in Neuhaldensleben as of 1808, and whose synagogue built on Steinstrasse in 1822 is now used as a branch of the museum.

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