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The display areas devoted to the cultural history of the Haldensleben region are directly related to local sights. Having viewed the items dating back to prehistoric and ancient times, why not explore the large stone graves in the historical square mile and the varied archaeological monuments along the Althaldensleben-Hundisburg trail?

The castle wall near Althaldensleben Convent is the startingpoint for a walk through the history of Haldensleben. Although marking the beginnings of Haldensleben, which first entered recorded history in 966, its development into a town was only completed in the mid-12th century when Henry the Lion founded the market settlement of Neuhaldensleben ('New Haldensleben').

The model in the museum shows the town's completely new layout drawn up in 1223 following its complete destruction and the still largely preserved town wall.

The path of the 'mounted Roland' leads from the museum to the town's marketplace. Erected in 1528, the statue had an up-and- down history until it was replaced by a copy in 1927, the original being moved to the safety of the museum.

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